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Save Money by Composting

The Garden And House Plants

I’m going to write this section for those who have never composted and never even considered it.  This will be for those who wouldn’t know where to start even if they realized the benefits of composting. 

First Rule of Thumb is NEVER use orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime peelings, onion peeling, or garlic peelings in composting.  Those items could ruin any benefits you might gain from composting.  So just don’t even bother saving those items.   

Items You Do Want To Save includes potato peeling, eggshells, used coffee grounds, and all fruit peelings, carrot peelings, lettuce, leftover tomatoes, and most leftover food.

What To Do With This Stuff is a question that will depend on what kind of plants this composting will be used for.  Composting for houseplants can be done in small to medium amounts and will include basic potting soil.  Whereas composting for an outside garden is done in much larger amounts and can be done by directly burying some of these kitchen items right into the garden soil before and during the growing periods.  Making a pile of soil and these composting items along with grass clippings and leaves can be added to the garden instead of fertilizer.                      

It doesn’t matter whether you compost for a huge outside garden or just a few houseplants, or something in between, you still need to compost.   

Believe me when I say that the worst soil can be turned into rich growing soil in a matter of a year, or two at the very most, simply using the items mentioned above.  When you see worms working their way through the soil you will know you’ve changed the soil quality.  I don’t particularly like worms, BUT worms are a visible sign of good quality growing soil, so encourage worms to move in and set up housekeeping. 

USED COFFEE    If you have a vegetable or flower garden the coffee grounds and coffee filters can be used as compost and will certainly fertilize the garden.  Used coffee and used coffee filters will also fertilize individual flowers/plants in the house.  

In the end what you want is to change basic planting soil from a dark brown to absolute black, and the left over food items mentioned above will do exactly that.  So have fun planting and watching things grow inside the house as well as outside in the garden, and save the environment at the same time.