About Me

Guess it’s about time I start telling everyone a bit about myself.  Since I’m not sure exactly where to start I think I’ll tell you all just a bit about myself now and then back up to the beginning. 

I’m what everyone calls a “baby boomer” because, yes, I was born right after WWII.  I’m now 61 years old and have four grown children who live in various parts of the US.  I am so lucky because I also have two of the most beautiful grandchildren who are the apple of grandma’s eye. 

I live in the western part of the US in a city that, like most US cities, was a great place to live and raise children at one time.  I lived here 28 years and raised two of my four children here, vowing that as soon as my children were grown and on their own I would move.  Indeed I did just that too and moved to the Midwest where I truly enjoyed the people and the lifestyle.  I’ll go into the reasons and the issues that caused me to enjoy one area over the other in future articles about myself.  I came back to the west only because of my two grandchildren and the fact that I was missing out on too much of their early years.      

 The information I provide on my blog came from experiences in my early years and the years as a young mother with children to raise.  As with most families there were experiences that I couldn’t have foreseen but still had a huge impact on how I managed to provide for my children.  It’s those experiences and the lessons learned from them that I hope to pass on to all of you.


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  1. and thank you for passing them down, it’s a huge help!

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