How to clean house on the cheap


 The only cleaning solutions I’ve ever bought premixed are window cleaner and dish soap. 

 There is a cheap and very good cleaning solution that can be used throughout the house.  Simply use an empty spray bottle – first wash it out thoroughly and rinse it – now mix 1/8 drops of dish soap and ½ cup of liquid bleach – the generic stuff works just fine – and now add one quart of water.  Add this mixture to the spray bottle and now you are ready to clean – especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  Simply spray a small amount – as you would with any cleaning mixture – and wipe the item down with a rag or sponge that has been wet and wrung out in warm water.  Now rinse the item or area just as any other cleaning product calls for.  This mixture will even kill the flu virus while you are cleaning. 

This cleaning solution can be used on any washable surface such as white walls, light colored or white tile, sinks, wash basins, tubs, toilets, trash cans, the outside of the refrigerator, the inside and outside of the microwave, stove top, and much more.

 I use this cleaning solution on the inside of the refrigerator every so often as well.  I consider this just another important step when cleaning the kitchen, especially when I’m emptying out all those small amounts of leftover food I had forgotten about.  Just remember to rinse well and let dry.  I usually wash the meat drawer, egg holders, etc., just to make sure the important areas are truly clean.    


It is extremely important to not only wash but also to sterilize dishes especially during the flu season and if anyone in the house is sick.  There is a much easier way of accomplishing this than you may have imagined.

 Some years ago a study was done to see which of three method of washing a cutting board actually killed the most germs.  One cutting board was washed in hot dishwater and rinsed in hot water.  The second cutting board was washed in a dishwasher using the sterilize rinse cycle.  The third cutting board wash washed in warm (not hot) dish soap with ¼ cup of bleach added and also rinsed in warm water.   

 All three cutting boards were then tested to see how many germs remained on each cutting board after being washed in their respective manner.  As it turned out, the first cutting board, washed in hot dish soap by hand had the most germs left on it.  The second cutting board, wash in the dishwasher using the sterilize cycle, as you can imagine, had many less germs.  The third cutting board washed in only warm dishwater with some bleach added had the fewest germs of all, with germs being almost non-existent.     


Since hearing about this study that was done I have rarely done a load of dishes in a dishwasher or a load of dishes by hand without adding bleach.  Much to the dismay of my kids they were healthy and in school almost twice as often as other kids in our neighborhood.  Other kids had runny noses, colds, flu, and the list of ailments went on and on.  My poor kids had no such excuses for staying home from school or other activities.

 So if you’re doing dishes by hand, simply start the dishwater, add a slightly less amount of dish soap than you normally would and now add about ¼ cup of bleach to the dishwater.  Wash and rinse the dishes as you normally would and let them AIR DRY.  You will now have clean sterilized dishes that will not spread germs and viruses.


Adding bleach to the dishwater actually super activates the dish soap so it cuts grease and grime even better than without the bleach??


Isn’t much different from doing dishes by hand when it comes to sterilizing them.  When the dishwasher is full and ready to be turned on, add whatever automatic dish soap you regularly use and also add a rinse additive if you prefer.  Now add 1 cup of bleach to the bottom of the dishwasher and turn the dishwasher on as you normally would. 


 With the bleach in the bottom of the dishwasher you can now turn OFF the “sterilize cycle” on the dishwasher, which will save plenty of money (possibly $100 or more over the period of a year) in water heating costs, just by using the bleach. 


Don’t waste money-drying dishes using the automatic drying cycle.  Just before closing the door on the dishwasher simply make sure the dry cycle is turned off.  When the dishes have finished washing and rinsing simply open the door and let the air start drying the dishes naturally.


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