More advice from the kitchen

As discussed in my last article there are uses for items most people may not think are multi-useful.   

PAPER LINER FROM CEREAL BOXES can be used for crafts and art projects.  Simply save the wax paper type lining from cereal boxes.  Carefully take the side and bottom seams apart so the paper lays flat.  Quite a few of these flat paper liners can be stored inside an empty cereal box and saved for messy projects.  Child finger painting, watercolor painting, hot gluing, and any other project that you don’t want to stick to the work surface.  I’ve even used a couple of these cereal box liner papers to set snow boots on before I installed plastic runners by the door.      

COFFEE POT    Save money on that coffee pot with all the bells and whistles like clock and auto off feature, unless you specifically need one of those extra features.  It’s understandable that some people may find the auto-off feature helpful when they have to leave for work at an early hour.  In most cases those extra features are just another example of outdoing your neighbor and dollars can be saved doing without them. 

If a person likes having coffee first thing in the morning, like I do, simply buy a basic drip coffee pot, without the clock or other features.  Every night, after dinner, and before bed set the coffee pot up, by rinsing out the coffee pot and filling it with clean water that is then poured into the water reservoir.  Now get rid of the coffee grounds (DON”T throw them in the trash) and rinse the coffee basket out.  Rinse it out and fill it with a new coffee filter and coffee grounds as you normally would. 

Now leave the coffee pot alone, do NOT turn it on or do anything else until morning.  Your first activity in the morning will be to go flip the switch to turn the coffee pot on and then simply go about your normal early morning routine.  By the time you are ready for that first cup of caffeine it will be ready for you.

DID YOU KNOW that coffee filters are great to use in the bottom of houseplanters?  Coffee filters are obviously made to allow water to flow through them.  So, if you don’t have rocks or broken pieces of old flowers pots to use in the bottom of houseplants simply grab a coffee filter.  Lay this out in the bottom of the flower pot and then fill the flower pot with soil as you normally would and plant the flower or plant.


2 responses to “More advice from the kitchen

  1. Wow, thanks for the advice on the coffee filters, I did know about the grounds but not the filters! Loving your blog, gonna add you to my blogroll so please keep posting these great tips and advice! 🙂

  2. mommawolffenterprises

    Thank you for responding and yes I hope to see you often. If you like my blog please do tell your friends.

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