Saving a few pennies in the kitchen

If you are going to start cutting costs around the house your going to need a plan and a new attitude.  Let me say up front that I am not a financial advisor so there won’t be much financial advice from me.  What I will provide is advice on how to save a few pennies here and there throughout the house.  Those few pennies may not seem like much at the time but added up and over the months they indeed add up to a few dollars.  Those dollars can be used for other things.

 First thing everyone needs is a new attitude.  Items that seem destined for the trash are NOT trash until you have explored all the things that item can be recycled into.  Here are just a few of the items I regularly recycle

 NETTING:    From onions, oranges, apples, etc.  This netting can be washed and sterilized in some Lysol or bleach and then bunched together in a ball, tied with yarn, string, or whatever you have on hand.  Now you have a scrubbie to do the dishes with, scrub spots off counters, or used to clean the bathroom.  To clean floors this netting can be sewn at one or both ends and then used for the mops that require the disposable cleaning pads.  The netting can help clean stubborn spots from the floor and then thrown away or washed and used again.  I save all the different colors of netting and then use one color for different cleaning, and that way germs are not spread around the house.  Believe it or not, over a period of time these ideas actually save a few dollars.   

This netting can also be tied together in a ball and used to exfoliate the skin while showering.  You won’t have to use any elbow grease to truly exfoliate the skin either.  This netting can also be cut to size and turned into a small bag to slip a bar of soap into that will also exfoliate the skin very nicely. 

 The next use I’ve turned this netting into is a small shopping bag for a doll as a play item for a small girl.  Using the same color of netting, it can also be sewn together and used as a slip to fluff out a dress for a doll, as a gift for a girl. 

 This is just one item that we normally throw out that can be turned into very useful items around the house and save some money doing it.   

 COFFEE POT    Save money on that coffee pot with all the bells and whistles like clock and auto off feature, unless you specifically need one of those extra features.  It’s understandable that some people may find the auto-off feature helpful when they have to leave for work at an early hour.  In most cases those extra features are just another example of outdoing your neighbor and dollars can be saved doing without them. 

 If a person likes having coffee first thing in the morning, like I do, simply buy a basic drip coffee pot, without the clock or other features.  Every night, after dinner, and before bed set the coffee pot up, by rinsing out the coffee pot and filling it with clean water that is then poured into the water reservoir.  Now get rid of the coffee grounds (DON”T throw them in the trash) and rinse the coffee basket out.  Rinse it out and fill it with a new coffee filter and coffee grounds as you normally would. 

 Now leave the coffee pot alone, do NOT turn it on or do anything else until morning.  Your first activity in the morning will be to go turn the coffee pot on and then simply go about your normal early morning routine.  By the time you are ready for that first cup of caffeine it will be ready for you.

 USED COFFEE    If you have a vegetable or flower garden the coffee grounds and coffee filters can be used as compost and will certainly fertilize the garden.  Used coffee and used coffee filters will also fertilize individual flowers/plants in the house.


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